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+ Potentiometers
   + Rotary Potentiometers
         ·R09 Series
         ·R10 Series
         ·R11 Series
         ·R12 Series
         ·R14 Series
         ·R13 Series
         ·R16 Series
   + Slide Potentiometers
   + Semi-fixed Potentiometers
         ·SR06 Series
         ·SC06 Series
         ·SM06 Series
         ·SR08 Series
         ·SC08 Series
         ·SC03 Series
+ Encoders
   + Rotary Encoders
+ Switches
   + Tactile Switches
   + Toggle Switches
   + Rotary Switches
+ Wirewound Power Indutors
+ Speaker
ELECTRONICS CHINA [ ECC ] specializes in the manufacture of Rotary/Slide/Semi-fixed Potentiometers, Rotary Encoders, Tactile Switches and Multilayer Chip Inductors/Beads.

We are today one of the fastest growing electronic component manufacturers and exporters in China. ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC] was first awarded ISO 9002 approval in 1998 and then subsequently the
ISO 9001
re-rating in 2003.All the factories which are wholly-owned are located in the strategic Zhongkai Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Huizhou, in Guangdong, China.

For many electronic procurement managers , China has become a huge outsourcing opportunity.We invite you to consider the benefits of also outsourcing your requirements particular here in Shenzhen where we are headquartered. We regard Shenzhen as THE best place in the world to source Electronic Components.Many multinational companies who have moved into the PRC take advantage of the low-cost of labour where products can be made more more cheaply and with quality on par to anywhere else.

The major concept of the company is to provide our customers with a distinct competitive advantage in their serviced market by providing high quality manufacturing solutions and service at a competitive price.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our website and of the interest you have shown in the product range we manufacture or of the benefits we can offer if you are outsourcing . We hope we can become an integral part of your supply chain. Please contact either one of us if you would like to choose ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC] as your partner in China.

Mr Luo Yu-Bin , President , ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC]
Mr Graham Williams , Export Manager , ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC]

We take pride in our product knowledge.
ELECTRONICS CHINA[ECC] - Established 1991
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