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+ Potentiometers
   + Rotary Potentiometers
         ·R09 Series
         ·R10 Series
         ·R11 Series
         ·R12 Series
         ·R14 Series
         ·R13 Series
         ·R16 Series
   + Slide Potentiometers
   + Semi-fixed Potentiometers
         ·SR06 Series
         ·SC06 Series
         ·SM06 Series
         ·SR08 Series
         ·SC08 Series
         ·SC03 Series
+ Encoders
   + Rotary Encoders
+ Switches
   + Tactile Switches
   + Toggle Switches
   + Rotary Switches
+ Wirewound Power Indutors
+ Speaker
ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC] was first awarded ISO 9002 approval in 1998 and then subsequently the
ISO 9001
re-rating in 2003. Those activities assessed and certified as meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 Certificate include the Design and Manufacture of Carbon Elements , Carbon Film Semi-Fixed Potentiometers , Carbon Film Potentiometers and Chip Multilayer Inductors.

ISO 9001 registration provides you the assurance that ECC's quality systems are accurate , comprehensive and conform to the rigorous requirements of the ISO standard. All systems and compliance to the standards have been and continue to be reguarly reviewed and tested to maintain continous certification.

The ISO 9001:2000 Certification was awarded by SGS United Kingdom Ltd., Systems & Services Certification , Rossmore Business Park , Ellesmere Port , Cheshire , CH65 3EN , UK.

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