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+ Potentiometers
   + Rotary Potentiometers
         ·R09 Series
         ·R10 Series
         ·R11 Series
         ·R12 Series
         ·R14 Series
         ·R13 Series
         ·R16 Series
   + Slide Potentiometers
   + Semi-fixed Potentiometers
         ·SR06 Series
         ·SC06 Series
         ·SM06 Series
         ·SR08 Series
         ·SC08 Series
         ·SC03 Series
+ Encoders
   + Rotary Encoders
+ Switches
   + Tactile Switches
   + Toggle Switches
   + Rotary Switches
+ Wirewound Power Indutors
+ Speaker
ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC] are committed to have their full product range comply with the RoHS Directive (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) before the enforcement date of 1 July 2006.

Complying with the rules however is not a small task. The RoHS rules' main target is lead, a toxic substance that is used in solder to fix components to circuit boards. The RoHS rules specify that components must contain less than 0.1% lead. In addition, the lead-free solder melts at a higher temperature, which means manufacturing processes also have to be changed.

Next year may seem 16 months away, but when you consider the work that is required to carry out testing, product re-evaluation, and the requirement to use all non-compliant products before the deadline, July 2006 will most definately come and go very quicky.

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