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+ Potentiometers
   + Rotary Potentiometers
         ·R09 Series
         ·R10 Series
         ·R11 Series
         ·R12 Series
         ·R14 Series
         ·R13 Series
         ·R16 Series
   + Slide Potentiometers
   + Semi-fixed Potentiometers
         ·SR06 Series
         ·SC06 Series
         ·SM06 Series
         ·SR08 Series
         ·SC08 Series
         ·SC03 Series
+ Encoders
   + Rotary Encoders
+ Switches
   + Tactile Switches
   + Toggle Switches
   + Rotary Switches
+ Wirewound Power Indutors
+ Speaker
As a seperate service we also trade a comprehensive range of other standard electronic components.We regard Shenzhen as THE best place in the world to source Electronic Components.At ELECTRONICS CHINA [ECC] we offer the most competitive prices in the market - we buy direct from the factories. The advantage we have in Shenzhen is that we are able to meet with vendors on a daily/weekly basis and stay on top of the latest price developments.

*Please Contact Us in the very strictest confidence with a detailed overview of your product specification , order quantity and/or other requirements.You may expect a reply within 24/48 hours.

*Enquiries must accompany full and precise detailed information including specifications , drawings and/or hyperlink.
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